BOX OFFICE REPORT: 'Django Unchained' Breaks $10 Million in Russia on February 03, 2013

django.pngDjango Unchained has clicked with Russian audiences. The Quentin Tarantino slavery shoot-em-up has crossed the $10 million barrier in just two weeks of release. Distributed in Russia by Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing, Django Unchained has stayed in the top three at the box office, and its weekly drop was just 38.5%, better than Life of Pi (51.2%) and even the #1 film, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters ($45 million). Django is easily Quentin Tarantino's most successful release. In 2009, Inglourious Basterds managed to make $5.9 million in Russian theaters -- a sum that Django should make twice-over by the end of the week. 

Russian Star Cast in Next Big Teen Franchise on February 02, 2013

dimitri.jpgDanila Kozlovskiy has been cast as the lead in Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, the first in a potential six-film franchise based on the bestselling series by American author Richelle Mead. Kozlovskiy is an unknown in the States but a big name in Russia where his latest film Dukhless (Soulless) was a $14 million hit, one of the biggest domestic successes of 2012. Vampire Academy features the 27-year-old two-time Best Actor winner as Dimitri Belikov, the protector of two paranormal teenage girls and main heartthrob in the series. The first Vampire Academy film will be produced by Don Murphy (Transformers) and has announced a very rough theatrical release date of 2014. Said Murphy, "The great thing about the VA books is if you actually read them, they will obsess and absorb you. Richelle Mead created a world that we think is more seductive than either Twilight or Hunger [Games]. We aim to get that word to the screen intact." To date, the Vampire Academy series has sold over 8 million copies in 35 countries, and the pivotal casting of a big name Russian actor is a smart move for a series that wants to mimic Twilight's huge international success. Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Spiderwick Chronicles) will direct. 


'Ticket to Vegas' Wins Big in Russia on January 31, 2013

Ticket to Vegas, the latest comedy by Gor Kirakosian -- the Armenian-born, American-trained director behind the 2006 international festival hit Big Story in a Small City, is the helmer's biggest Russian hit to date, opening strong in 2nd place on the charts with a $3.9 million take in its debut frame. Ticket to Vegas' launch has already bested the total Russian gross of Kirakosian's last film, Lost & Found in Armenia, which managed just $110K when it hit theaters last fall. The ensemble comedy follows four Russian friends who travel to Vegas to cash in on a $5 million lottery ticket, and features cameos from Danny Trejo (Machete) and Robert Nash, a U.S. Robert De Niro impersonator. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger meets with Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow on January 30, 2013

During a press tour for Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest action film The Last Stand, the former governor of California met with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to discuss Russian-U.S. relations. According to Gorbachev, who spoke about the meeting afterward to the Interfax media, Schwarzenegger -- a former soldier in the Austrian military -- was eager to discuss how to further smooth over tensions between Russian and his adopted homeland, the United States. "It's unacceptable to leave them in their present state," said Gorbachev, adding, "I told him that although there has been a certain amount of progress, there are still a lot of problems waiting to be solved." The two men share a history, says the former Russian leader. "It was a meeting between old friends. We have long known each other and took part in many events together when Raisa [Gorbachev's late wife] was alive....And at the end of the meeting we had lunch. A really decent one. Although neither of us can drink at the moment." Earlier, Schwarzenegger held a press conference where he declared his enthusiasm for Russian bodybuilders and vowed to return for the Sochi Winter Olympics held on the Black Sea Coast in 2014. The Last Stand will be released in Russia on 2/21/13.

'Bely Tigr' Takes Top Prize at Golden Eagle Ceremony on January 28, 2013

bely.jpgThe National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia lauded Bely Tigr (White Tiger) with its Golden Eagle award in a ceremony this week at Moscow's Mosfilm studio. The World War II drama directed by Karen Shaknazarov follows a Russian tank driver who faces off against a Nazi White Tiger tank. Bely Tigr was Russia's submission for the Foreign Language Oscar, but failed to make the short-list. Bely Tiger did not sweep the ceremony. Best Director was awarded to Andrei Proshkin's Orda (The Horde), while acting plaudits were given to actor Danila Kozlovsky for Dukhless (Soulless) and actress Anna Mikhalkova for Lyubov S Aktsentom (Love with an Accent).

Watch the trailer for Bely Tigr.


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