'Ouija' Holds On to Claim #3 Spot in First Hold-Over Weekend on November 23, 2014

ouijastill.jpgOuija held on in its second weekend in Russia, finishing its sophomore frame in the market with $465k at 559 dates. The horror flick has now grossed a total of $2.6 million after 11 days in the market. Ouija has grossed $19.3 million across 22 territories and is currently reporting a global cume of $62.8 with 17 more territories left on its agenda.

'Interstellar' Posts Another $5M+ Weekend in Russia on November 16, 2014

int.pngInterstellar continues its successful run in Russia after grossing $5.3 million from 1,680 screens over the weekend. The film only saw its box office numbers slide a modest 37% weekend in its first hold over frame. The performance accounted for a 60% share of the top 5 films in the market. Interstellar has grossed a total of $16.8 million in Russia. Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic has grossed a total of $224.1 million overseas and $321.9 million worldwide.

'Ouija' Takes #2 Debut on November 16, 2014

ouijastill.jpgOuija opened in second place in Russia with a $1.5 million weekend from 605 dates. The opening numbers came in higher than comparable titles Sinister and Insidious. Ouija has grossed a total of $17.5 million overseas and $65.6 million worldwide.

'Big Hero 6' Holds Up Well In Russia on November 02, 2014


Sunday, 11/2 Update: Big Hero 6 continues to hold well in Russia and Ukraine, its only two markets at the moment, finishing its second weekend in the region with a $4.8 million tally and a $10.9 million cume. The film will open in North America on November 7.

Monday, 10/27 Update: Big Hero 6 opened in Russia over the weekend anticipating big crowds from the two weeks on school holidays in the region. The film took a $4.8 million debut from a Saturday opening, performing 63% above the Saturday/Sunday totals for Wreck-It Ralph, 30% above the Saturday/Sunday cume for Monsters University and on par with the Saturday/Sunday results for Tangled in the market.

'The Judge' Continues to Draw Russian Audiences on October 26, 2014


The Judge earned $1.1 million from 773 screens in its second weekend in Russia. The film is now up to a $3.3 million cume in the market.

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