'John Wick' Leads on Tuesday with $1.62M; 'Fury' a Close Second with $1.52MOctober 29, 2014 12:37 PM

by Daniel Garris

John Wick took in $1.62 million on Tuesday to lead the daily box office for a second consecutive day. The Keanu Reeves led action thriller from Lionsgate was up a solid 25 percent over Monday's performance. John Wick has grossed $17.34 million in five days, which is on the high end of pre-release expectations. The film is currently running 20.5 percent ahead of the $14.39 million five-day start of 2008's Street Kings.

Sony's Fury finished in a very close second with $1.52 million. The World War II film starring Brad Pitt trailed John Wick by $101,800 for the day. Fury was up 28 percent over Monday and down 46 percent from last Tuesday. Fury has grossed $49.11 million in twelve days and is set to surpass the $50 million mark today. The film is currently running 2.5 percent ahead of the $47.89 million twelve-day take of The Monuments Men earlier this year.

Universal's Ouija held steady in third place with $1.33 million. The low-budget PG-13 horror film from Platinum Dunes was up 27 percent from Monday. Ouija has grossed $22.25 million in five days. That is on the lower end of expectations and places the film 21 percent ahead of the $18.41 million four-day start of last year's Carrie.

Fox's Gone Girl grossed $1.10 million to remain in fourth. The critically acclaimed David Fincher directed film starring Ben Affleck was up 26 percent over Monday and down 38 percent from last Tuesday. With a 26-day take of $126.02 million, Gone Girl is on the verge of surpassing the $127.51 million final domestic gross of 2008's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to become the highest grossing film of Fincher's career.

The Weinstein Company's St. Vincent rounded out the day's unchanged top five with $0.91 million. The low-budget comedy starring Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy was up an impressive 46 percent over Monday. Yesterday's percentage hold could be a good sign for the film going forward. St. Vincent surpassed the $10 million mark yesterday and has grossed $10.41 million to date.

Daily domestic gross

DateDayDay no.Top 10 GrossLW%Total Daily GrossTop movie of the day
Oct 01Wed274$6,153,97310%$6,896,243The Equalizer
Oct 02Thu275$5,423,531-14%$6,184,994The Equalizer
Oct 03Fri276$46,405,98552%$49,371,110Annabelle
Oct 04Sat277$57,714,51639%$62,330,626Gone Girl
Oct 05Sun278$32,128,66034%$34,867,097Gone Girl
Oct 06Mon279$9,563,65943%$10,293,361Gone Girl
Oct 07Tue280$11,887,90443%$12,785,913Gone Girl
Oct 08Wed281$8,879,26344%$9,647,845Gone Girl
Oct 09Thu282$8,933,54965%$9,701,249Gone Girl
Oct 10Fri283$42,818,136-8%$46,975,226Dracula Untold
Oct 11Sat284$54,804,495-5%$61,072,308Gone Girl
Oct 12Sun285$34,175,9856%$37,415,936Gone Girl
Oct 13Mon286$18,948,89498%$21,081,097Gone Girl
Oct 14Tue287$11,305,642-5%$12,641,501Gone Girl
Oct 15Wed288$8,809,457-1%$9,957,969Gone Girl
Oct 16Thu289$8,562,519-4%$9,639,288Gone Girl
Oct 17Fri290$37,547,766-12%$41,952,658Fury (2014)
Oct 18Sat291$48,870,273-11%$55,439,421Fury (2014)
Oct 19Sun292$28,815,383-16%$32,514,031Fury (2014)
Oct 20Mon293$8,721,630-54%$10,085,968Fury (2014)
Oct 21Tue294$10,534,364-7%$11,886,835Fury (2014)
Oct 22Wed295$8,136,177-8%$9,293,288Fury (2014)
Oct 23Thu296$7,827,800-9%$8,910,351Fury (2014)
Oct 24Fri297$32,425,274-14%$37,373,517Ouija
Oct 25Sat298$40,380,008-17%$47,747,373Ouija
Oct 26Sun299$24,266,297-16%$28,440,700Ouija
Oct 27Mon300$6,983,014-20%$8,155,720John Wick
Oct 28Tue301$8,986,640-15%$10,287,021John Wick
Oct 29Wed302$37,555-100%$37,555Left Behind (2014)