NEC Display Solutions Updates NC900c Digital Cinema Projector for Theaters with Small Screens

November 08, 2012

Chicago -- NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today updates to its NC900C digital cinema projection solution for smaller screens in theaters, art houses, mobile cinemas, universities and public buildings.

As part of NEC's Digital Cinema Projector Series, the NC900C projector delivers 2K DCI-compliant cinema quality, which translates to an image brightness of 14-ft-L (using a 1.8 gain screen) on screens up to 30ft/9m, while adhering to DCI color specifications. A new S2K chip set from Texas Instruments® makes the NC900C the most compact 2K DCI-certified digital cinema projector on the market.

The NEC Integrated Media Server (IMS) offers a trouble-free, one-stop solution for exhibitors and other organizations, while the projector's High Frame Rate (HFR) capability offers excellent picture quality. Its all-in-one Integrated Media Block (IMB) and 2 TB RAID5 Storage Server offer versatile connectivity and savings with fewer peripheral devices needed.

"NEC is committed to helping large- and small-screen theaters alike convert to digital cinema technology," said Jim Reisteter, General Manager of Digital Cinema at NEC Display Solutions. "Our NC900C projector gives venues with smaller screens, particularly those in Latin America, the ability to delight their patrons with pristine images and a meaningful theater experience. The NC900C is easy to install, even in smaller projection booths, and easy to transport for mobile cinema."

Among the key features of the NC900C digital cinema projector are:
3-chip DMD reflection method of projection
Easy dual lamp system, which ensures no black screen, using two 350W lamp bulbs
Resolution of 2048 x 1080
Several bayonet lens options for easy installation, enabling motorized zoom, focus and shift capabilities
Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with easy lamp replacement, lower lamp cost and simple servicing
Ability to show 3D and alternative content
Suitability for floor and ceiling installation with no exhaust system required.
Host of integrated features, including dual HDSDI 3G interfaces, advanced network and built-in GPIO functions
Air cooling with dust-preventing electrostatic filter
Compact size and light weight of 97 lbs. (44 kg)
IMS (NP-90MS01) available as a stand-alone solution compatible with the NC1200C, NC2000C, NC3200S and NC3240S digital cinema projectors.

NEC is in the final stages of earning DCI CTP certification for the NC900C projector. DCI Compliance is targeted to be achieved by the end of the month. Keio University, a DCI-authorized lab, has successfully completed DCI CTP procedural testing of the NC900C, including projector image processing.

The NC900C will be available in December 2012 with a two-year limited warranty (for U.S. and Canada only), including parts and labor. The estimated street price of the NC900C in North America is $29,999 and includes projector, lens and IMS.


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