Cines Renoir, Spain’s Prominent Art House Cinema Circuit, and Ymagis Have Concluded an Agreement for the Deployment and Installation of NEC Projectors and Doremi Servers in all the Screens of its Cinemas

November 28, 2012

Barcelona -- Cines Renoir, run by Spanish well known Grupo Alta Films, a production, distribution and exhibition company under the management of Enrique González Macho, President of the Spanish Film Academy, will see all the screens of seven of their cinemas digitized before the end of 2012 with the support of Ymagis, the European deployment entity leader in France, Spain, Germany and the Benelux.

This agreement with one of the most reputable Spanish independent cinema circuits demonstrates once more Ymagis' commitment to provide adequate technical and financing solutions to a large variety of European cinemas. Cines Renoir will be able to manage all their cinemas' using Ymagis exclusive TMS tools.

Doremi and NEC, who will supply the projection equipment, have provided a key support to make this deployment possible. Well known installer company Suministros Kelonik, will be responsible for the installation of all digital equipment in all Cines Renoir sites.

After a long selection process, Cines Renoir found in Ymagis a dedicated partner capable of bringing tailored solutions answering their needs. Ymagis flexible and understanding approach, its range of services and tools available together with the expertise demonstrated in all its deployments so far, were key to Cines Renoir's choice.

Enrique González Macho, Grupo Alta's Managing Director said: "Only in Ymagis we have found the answers we needed to go Digital. It is now the time to embark in this process if we want to continue bringing our audiences the movies they want to see. This has been a very long and time consuming process and we needed to be certain of making the right choices. In Ymagis we have found a partner for today's conversion to digital but also to assist us in the years to come."

Manel Carreras, General Manager, Spain & Vice President Sales and Business Development at Ymagis, said: "We are honoured Cines Renoir has selected Ymagis as their partner for its digitization. Cines Renoir will benefit from NEC's and Doremi's latest technology in their cinemas, Ymagis will not only manage and provide its VPF financing solution but also a range of technical services that will be essential in converting smoothly Cines Renoir's cinemas to Digital.

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