Marrakech Film Festival Employs Sony's SRX-R320 4K Projectors

December 06, 2012

The full press release:

Sony Digital Cinema today announced it is proud to be supporting this year's iconic International Film Festival of Marrakech. For the first time in its 12 year history, audiences at the event are enjoying the superior picture quality offered by Sony 4K digital cinema projection systems.

Six SRX-R320 4K projectors have been supplied by the festival's official technical partner, French-region cinema specialist R2D1, to equip the Salle des Ambassadeurs and the Salle des Ministres in the Palais des Congres, which is the main venue of the Festival, as well as the world-renowned Jemaa el Fna plaza.

Sony Digital Cinema 4K technology allows consumers to experience exceptional picture quality from every seat in the cinema, providing world-leading 3D images and spectacular detail even on the largest screens. Transforming the film experience, Sony Digital Cinema 4k technology gives the consumer an immersive, engaging visual experience you simply can't get at home.

Oliver Pasch, Head of Digital Cinema, Sony Europe, said: "We were delighted when we were approached by the Film Festival to deliver some of the main screenings in Sony 4K. The fact the organisers wanted to use the new technology reflects the importance of picture quality in the audience's experience of a film. With 4K, viewers benefit from being able to see the smaller, intrinsic details of an image and end up feeling much closer to the action."

Sony worked closely with French dealer R2D1 to install its 4K systems in the Jemaa el Fna plaza as well as the Palais de Congres.

Maxime Rigauld, Sales Manager, R2D1 says: "Since our first Sony 4K installation last year, we have seen the demand for Sony projection systems rise significantly. Working for the first time with the Marrakech Film Festival has highlighted the strength of our relationship with Sony, while it is extremely rewarding to see how positively audiences react to the superior picture quality the technology delivers."

Held annually since 2001, the International Film Festival of Marrakech is the premier event devoted to cinema in the region. The event, held on Friday 30 November to Saturday 8 December 2012, showcases a wide range of cinematic talent from Morocco and worldwide. This year's festival Jury is headed by John Boorman, the distinguished British director, producer and screenwriter.


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