December 20, 2012

Popcorn.jpgC. Cretors and Company, the leading designer and manufacturer of food processing and concession equipment for more than 127 years, introduces Poppi, the first industrial construction air popper small enough to fit on a counter. Poppi produces healthier popcorn and reduces food costs because no oil is used. The lack of oil also makes for easier maintenance, faster cleanup, and increased product shelf life. Poppi creates a 12 oz. batch in about three minutes. Operation is simple. Its compact dimensions are 18.5 in. D x 20.3 in. W x 32.9 in. H.

About C. Cretors and Company
Established in 1885, C. Cretors and Company is the leading designer and manufacturer of food processing and concession equipment. The company provides a complete range of innovative food service solutions to companies around the world. Cretors' renowned industry innovations began in 1893 when the company introduced the first patented steam-driven popcorn machine that popped corn in oil. In 1967, Cretors' Food Processing Division introduced a patented continuous popcorn production line featuring a hot-air, fluidized bed oven for high-volume production, ranging from 80 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. per hour.

Over the company's long and storied history, its Foodservice Division offerings have expanded to include machines that produce and/or dispense cotton candy, nachos, caramel corn, and hot dogs; topping and dispensing equipment; and warming and display cabinets. Today Cretors continues to reinvest in research and development to ensure continual improvements in everything from equipment manufacture to customer responsiveness to distributor network communications. All of the company's development and manufacturing are done in the U.S. because "Quality Can't be Outsourced."


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