Norden Farm Arts Centre selects Sony 4K to Digitise Content

February 07, 2013

Basingstoke, 7 February 2013 - Sony Digital Cinema has today announced that Norden Farm, an Arts Centre based in Maidenhead, has installed its new 4K projector to transform the viewing experience for customers, enable the delivery of alternative content, and boost its corporate offering, allowing the organisation to deliver a wider range of services to its local community.

The Sony SRX-R515, Sony's latest 4K digital cinema offering, will see the Arts House transition from analogue film based on 35mm projectors to a more reliable, better quality and future-ready digital offering.

The new projector, set to be installed in the organisation's main, 200-seat auditorium, will ensure the venue is able to offer its customers the very best picture and sound quality, while also allowing it to diversify into offering new entertainment experiences - such as opera and theatre. The superior image quality will make the venue more attractive to corporate clients looking to stage presentations and events, while also easing the administrative burden and operational costs associated with screening different types of content.

Matt Biss, Technical Manager at Norden Farm, commented: "Bringing digital cinema to our business is going to have a huge impact on the range and quality of services we'll be able to offer customers - from their experience of the independent films we screen to the packages we're able to offer corporate clients.

"We'll be able to offer new services beyond traditional content which is critical to the future success of the business. For instance, we recently screened a performance of La Boheme from the Royal Opera House. The event was a complete sell out and the audience left asking us for similar events in future - highlighting there is an increasing appetite for content of this kind. The installation of the new Sony projector means we'll be able to offer these experiences for our customers, providing a picture and sound quality that ensures the performance is as impressive and immersive akin to the live stage production."

The quality of picture provided by the new projector is down to the fact it's a digital offering with 4K. Sony Digital Cinema 4K technology is over 4 times the resolution of an HD TV or the previous generation digital cinema (2K).

Biss commented on the decision to install Sony's offering above competitor products: "Our decision to install the Sony 4K projector was pretty straight-forward. We knew we wanted a digital upgrade and while we looked at a range of options, our decision didn't come down to price, it came down to quality. We wanted to install the best product in the market, the one that would meet our needs right now and set us up for success in future. We're confident the SRX-R515 can do just that and are excited at the opportunities that lie ahead."

David McIntosh, Director, Sony Europe, commented: "Sony is committed to creating the very best entertainment experiences for all our customers through digital projection. Our 4K projectors deliver an outstanding image quality along with operational versatility and low running costs, meaning they can open up new opportunities for the entertainment industry. We're particularly excited about working with Norden Farm because of the way they are embracing the potential technology has to transform art and film, delivering new experiences to customers and setting new standards for the quality of screenings."

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