Apuntolapospo selects SmartJog as its technical provider to deliver Digital Cinema content

February 25, 2013

Paris, France -- SmartJog, a TDF Media Services entity and global leader in managed digital delivery services, with over 1 500 theaters connected in Europe, signs with Apuntolapospo, Spain's main independent local mastering lab. This agreement enables Apuntolapospo to use SmartJog's delivery platform service to distribute Digital Cinema -preshow content, trailers, and feature films - directly to theaters connected in Spain.

Together with SmartJog, Apuntolapospo ensures a reliable and secure DCP (Digital Cinema Package) circuit between distributors and Spanish SmartJog-connected theaters, (as of today 145 theaters online out of 270 signed). Digital Cinema content is sent through the SmartJog community using its state-of-the-art file transfer network via satellite and ADSL/Fiber, which includes a web-based file management interface, monitoring and support, and cloud-storage solutions. The service gives clients the opportunity to electronically receive their DCPs without having to manage physical ones (HDD).

"This partnership will represent new business opportunities for Apuntolapospo and a major technical improvement in content reception and expedition, in a secure way, between their origin and final destination, in theaters all over the globe. It also represents the beginning of a new kind of service offer for our clients based on the importance of managing library content." says Mª Rosa Fusté, CEO of Apuntolapospo.

"The highlight of this partnership is that SmartJog enables Apuntolapospo to operate a full digital delivery workflow from lab to cinema. Apuntolapospo can receive content electronically from any of the more than 250 labs and content providers connected to SmartJog worldwide, and then securely deliver advertising, trailers, feature films, promotional and alternative content to all cinemas connected in Spain" says Ana Fernández, Theatrical Sales Manager for SmartJog in Spain and Portugal.


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