U.S.-China Film Industry Partnership Hailed During 4th Beijing International Film Festival

April 22, 2014

mpaa.pngBEIJING/SINGAPORE - The strong and growing partnership between the American and Chinese film industries was the focus of a recently concluded visit to China to attend the 4th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) by Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Chairman and CEO Chris Dodd.

Delivering a keynote address at the Sino-Foreign Film Co-Production Forum on April 17, Senator Dodd remarked that China had contributed in large part to a record-breaking year for the 2013 movie business, contributing US $3.6 billion to a total global box office of US $35.93 billion: "Congratulations to everyone here, and everyone in the Chinese film industry whose determined efforts made that momentous accomplishment possible. The film studios that I represent are excited to be part of this expanding market, and are eagerly looking forward to another great year."

Senator Dodd acknowledged that the Beijing International Film Festival had made a vivid impression on the international film calendar in a short period of time: "This world-class event is a remarkable opportunity for members of the global film community to celebrate and showcase great examples of storytelling and filmmaking, and the Motion Picture Association is proud to have been a supporter since its inception."

On April 18, Senator Dodd addressed members of the U.S. business community in Beijing at an AmCham China Media and Entertainment Forum breakfast event entitled Big Screen, Big Markets: U.S.-China Relations in the Film Business. Remarking on the extraordinary story of the growth of the Chinese film market, Senator Dodd noted, "Many diverse factors are responsible for influencing the astonishing growth and success that we are seeing in the Chinese film industry, as well as in the great partnership of our two industries: government contributions, assistance from global bodies like the World Trade Organization, trade bodies and film associations in both countries; and, of course, the dedication of so many people who go to work every in this business. (However) ...the biggest factor has been the demand for good content by Chinese audiences and the unprecedented expansion of theatrical screens throughout the country."

On April 19, at the closing ceremony of the two-day long MPA-BFM Film Workshop, themed "Imagination", Senator Dodd highlighted World IP Day (April 26) which this year proclaimed "Movies: A Global Passion", as the theme for celebrations: "This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the successes of the Chinese film industry, and appreciate the people who have embarked on creative professions: in movie-making, the cinema or in the online-video sector - in fact any one of millions of jobs that are supported by this vibrant industry - who work every day to help entertain, educate and enlighten audiences here and around the globe."

Acknowledging the important contributions by leading Chinese film industry executives, Senator Dodd presented special MPA Awards to Yang Buting, Chairman of CFDEA; Zhu Yongde, Chairman of CFCA and Han Zhiyu, Director of Beijing Copyright Alliance for their valuable contribution to promoting and protecting the work and livelihoods of the screen community in China.

In addition, as part of World IP Day celebrations in China, Senator Dodd attended a special World IP Day screening of Rio 2 at the launch of a School IPR Ambassador Program. About 80 elementary and high school students were treated to a speech from animation director Carlos Saldanha who complimented the children on their awareness of creative intellectual property.

Senator Dodd also witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the China Film Copyright Association (CFCA) and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) which continues a fruitful and productive working relationship between the two parties.

On April 20, the MPA partnered with IWC in the 2nd IWC MPA American Film Night, where Senator Dodd presented well-known Chinese filmmaker Feng Xiaogang with an MPA Award acknowledging his outstanding contribution to Sino-US film relationships.

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