China Movie Media Group--- A behind-the-scene look at the huge box office of Transformers: Age of Extinction

July 03, 2014

chinamoviemediagroup.png(Beijing, China) July 2, 2014 - Transformers: Age of Extinction (TF4), a blockbuster produced by Paramount and Jiaflix was the highest grossing imported film in mainland China for the first half of 2014 and represents China Movie Media Group's (CMMG) first collaboration with a US Studio, Paramount Pictures.

TF4 was simultaneously released in mainland China and North America on June 27. Within the first three-day weekend, it has already shattered several records and made history in China's movie industry. TF4 "The cooperation between CMMG and Paramount on TF4 is significant. Paramount created the world's top film while CMMG the full range of marketing services for TF4 which helped attract more Chinese audiences to come to the theaters. Because of the efforts of both Paramount and CMMG, TF4 will become the blockbuster with the biggest boxoffice in mainland China this year and we couldn't be more gratified," says Zhang Gen Ming, CEO and founder of CMMG.

As the official promotional partner of TF4 in mainland China, CMMG certainly was a major component in the initial and continued outreach to Chinese audiences. CMMG is in charge of the comprehensive marketing campaign in China, including outdoor advertising, new media promotion, road-show activities, among others. CMMG was also responsible for the organization, planning and carrying out the China premiere which was successfully held in Beijing on June 23. Rob Moore, the VP of Paramount, Director Michael Bay, actors Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz and Li Bingbing attended the premiere.

In addition, CMMG provided a full range of box-office marketing services to TF4, including the boxoffice real-time monitoring, showtime/schedule arrangements, information collection, data analysis, box office supervising and overall evaluation. Meanwhile, CMMG enlisted China's top 10 cinema chains and TencentWechat on-line ticketing platform to jointly promote the movie.


TF4 broke three records already:
1) Gross box office receipts was over US$3,202,000.00(¥20million) for the midnight showing,breaking the record of Iron Man 3 in 2013(US$1,985,240.00)

2) The box office of the first five days totaled US$ 134,484,000.00, which broke the record of Monkey King (Hong Kong, 2014)(11-day gross of US$ 133,043,100.00) as the movie exceeded the benchmark of \ 800 million ($128,080,000.00)in the shortest period of time.

3) It is on course to overtake Avatar's China box office record at $217,736,000

About China Movie Media Group
CMMG is the largest and most resourceful movie media marketing group in China. The three main businesses of the company are domestic movie distribution, national box office promotion services, and movie media advertising. In the past five years, the company has successfully completed over 200 domestic and foreign movie marketing campaigns in China.

•Utilizing its exclusive movie media resources, CMMG invests into domestic movies by providing publicity and distribution services and expands its business into importation and marketing of exclusive foreign movies. CMMG's very own bundled marketing services are unconventional, combining movie operations with movie media advertising.

•CMMG also provides movie companies with services in scientific and efficient showtime scheduling, real-time box office and nationwide screen schedules monitoring, around-the-clock public opinion monitoring as well as co-promotions with brand advertisers. With CMMG's multifaceted services, movie production companies can realize high return of value through box office revenue and favorable public opinion in China.

•At present, CMMG also owns the advertising channel of over 4000 movie screens for pre-show ads all over China, covering 70% of the China box office in over 100 major cities. In addition, it operates the largest dedicated interactive attended media booths, "Media Cubes," in over 100 movie theaters exclusively. In 2011, China Movie Media Group's advertising division has become the largest provider in movie media advertising.

•CMMG has received four major industry awards: The Best Movie Advertising and Marketing Company, 2013 Most Innovative Advertising Company, Entertainment Integrated Marketing Grand Award, and 2013 Most Influential and Valuable Brand in Professional Media.


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