'Tiny Times 3.0' Pushes 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Out of First Place

July 22, 2014


Local teen drama Tiny Times 3.0 posted a healthy $50.1 million haul over four days, which was enough to edge Transformers: Age of Extinction out of first place. Age of Extinction is currently up to an impressive $306.3 million in China after taking in another $26.1 million.

The Tiny Times franchise is quite polarizing in China. While author/director Guo Jingming's films have clearly struck a chord with many young fans, others blast the franchise for its emphasis on material wealth. It's also quick to be labeled "Sex and the City without the sex."

Age of Extinction's strength in China continues to impress. There is no way that the North American haul will hit $300 million, so China has cemented its position as the #1 market for the sci-fi extravaganza.

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