Movie Release Calendar

Release DateNameRatingGenresDistributor
Apr 24, 2015Adult BeginnersR

Comedy, Drama

Apr 24, 2015Because I Was a PainterUnrated

Documentary, Foreign Language (French)

Cinema Guild
Apr 24, 2015Forbidden Games (2015 re-issue)Unrated

Drama, Foreign Language (French)

Rialto Pictures
Apr 24, 2015Kung Fu KillerUnrated

Action/Adventure, Foreign Language (Cantonese), Thriller

Well Go USA
Apr 24, 2015Laugh Killer LaughUnrated

Crime, Thriller

ITN Distribution
Apr 24, 2015Little BoyPG-13

Drama, Family

Open Road
Apr 24, 2015Lou!Unrated

Comedy, Foreign Language (French)

Distrib Films
Apr 24, 2015See You in ValhallaR

Comedy, Drama

ARC Entertainment
Apr 24, 2015The Age of AdalinePG-13

Drama, Romance

Apr 24, 2015The ForgerR

Crime, Thriller

Apr 24, 2015The Water DivinerR


Warner Bros.
Apr 29, 2015Iris (2015)PG-13


Magnolia Pictures
Apr 29, 2015Soul Boys of the Western WorldUnrated

Documentary (Music)

IFC Films
Apr 30, 2015Reality (2015)Unrated


IFC Midnight

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