'American Sniper' Easily Retains First Place with $10.02 Million Friday; 'Project Almanac' Pulls $3.2 MillionJanuary 31, 2015 03:20 AM

by Shawn Robbins

Warner Bros. reports that American Sniper easily led Friday's box office for a third consecutive week, adding an estimated $10.02 million to its blockbuster haul. That figure is down 45 percent from last Friday and brings the film's total up to $227.1 million through 15 days of wide release -- on par with the pace of The Passion of the Christ and 53 percent ahead of where Gravity stood at the same point. BoxOffice projects a $30.5 million Super Bowl weekend take.

Paramount's Project Almanac debuted to $3.2 million on Friday. Unfortunately, that falls short of even conservative expectations heading into the weekend. The modestly budgeted (estimated $12 million production) found-footage thriller should land around $8.2 million for its opening weekend.

Black or White debuted to $2.27 million yesterday. Unfortunately, the pic had the disadvantage of opening in a market already featuring Selma as the primary option for moviegoers looking for a drama tackling racial subject matter. BoxOffice projects a $6.1 million debut weekend.

The Boy Next Door was off 63 percent from last week to $2.1 million on Friday. With $20.7 million in the bank through 8 days of release, look for a sophomore frame around $6.0 million.

Paddington took in another $1.94 million on Friday for a 25.5 percent week-to-week drop. With $44 million in the bank, BoxOffice projects an $8 million frame.

The Imitation Game added $1.61 million yesterday, down just 16 percent from last Friday and boosting its total to $64.4 million. BoxOffice projects a $5.3 million weekend.

Meanwhile, The Loft bowed to $1.18 million yesterday. With a late release announcement and very little marketing push, the film was not expected to make a big splash at the box office. BoxOffice projects a $3 million weekend.

Last but certainly not least, Game of Thrones: The IMAX Experience grabbed a strong $686,000 from 205 IMAX locations, giving it a $3,348 per-screen average. As the first television series ever released in the premium format, fans had been driving strong pre-sales over the last few weeks. Comparisons are few and far between, but look for a weekend in the neighborhood of $1.3 million.

Weekly domestic gross

YearWeekTop 10 GrossChg. LY%Total GrossChg. LY% Top movie of the week
20015 (Feb 02 - Feb 08)$38,556,243-41%$124,749,00011%The Wedding Planner
20005 (Feb 04 - Feb 10)$65,781,725232%$112,052,000--Scream 3
20045 (Jan 30 - Feb 05)$81,819,669-21%$120,610,000-16%You Got Served
20075 (Feb 02 - Feb 08)$83,010,626-10%$118,060,000-10%The Messengers
20145 (Jan 31 - Feb 06)$85,426,599-1%$114,101,000-4%Ride Along
20135 (Feb 01 - Feb 07)$85,975,504-24%$118,750,000-21%Warm Bodies
20115 (Feb 04 - Feb 10)$89,445,107-33%$115,019,000-30%The Roommate
20025 (Feb 01 - Feb 07)$91,992,466139%$126,615,0001%Black Hawk Down
20065 (Feb 03 - Feb 09)$92,114,345-9%$131,194,0001%When a Stranger Calls (2006)
20055 (Feb 04 - Feb 10)$101,467,12924%$129,984,0008%Boogeyman
20035 (Jan 31 - Feb 06)$103,821,92213%$143,479,00013%The Recruit
20125 (Feb 03 - Feb 09)$113,105,12426%$151,172,00031%Chronicle
20095 (Jan 30 - Feb 05)$122,618,955-1%$164,511,000-2%Taken
20085 (Feb 01 - Feb 07)$124,272,58950%$167,475,00042%Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour
20105 (Jan 29 - Feb 04)$134,079,0779%$163,539,000-1%Avatar