'Ouija' Off To Respectable Start; 'John Wick' and 'St. Vincent' Look PromisingOctober 25, 2014 08:23 AM

by Phil Contrino

Saturday Update: Ouija is off to a respectable start. The horror flick is headed for a $20 million debut after snagging $8.3 million on Friday. Unlike most horror entries, Ouija should hold up reasonably well considering that it has opened before Halloween.

John Wick is on pace for $14 million after tallying $5.5 million on Friday. 

St. Vincent is on pace for $8.2 million after grossing $2.6 million on Friday.

Check back tomorrow for official studio weekend estimates.

Friday Update #2: Sources tell BoxOffice that Ouija is headed for $19 million-$20 million during its debut frame. Of course, horror films tend to pop late on Friday night, so we're not ruling out a surge that could put the fright flick above that range.

John Wick is off to a solid start with what's look like a $14 million debut frame. If word of mouth is strong among action aficionados, then Keanu Reeves' latest could post an even higher debut. This definitely marks a comeback for Reeves.

St. Vincent is set for as much as $10 million during its expansion weekend.

Check back tomorrow morning for updated projections and official Friday estimates. 

Friday Update #1: Universal's Ouija bowed to $911,000 last night. That's noticeably behind the $2.1 million start for Annabelle earlier this month, although that pic had some benefit in marketing with the aid of being a prequel to last year's horror blockbuster The Conjuring. Ouija's Thursday take is more in line with Carrie's $730,000 last October, which ultimately earned $16.1 million over opening weekend. Ouija's own native brand awareness could feasibly give it a boost as the weekend progresses.

Lionsgate reports that John Wick grabbed a healthy $870,000 from Thursday night shows in over 2,000 locations. That more than double A Walk Among the Tombstones' $430,000 Thursday night start in September, which went on to earn $12.8 million over opening weekend, as well as Brick Mansions' $400,000 ($9.5 million opening weekend). Strong buzz and critical reviews for the sleeper hit had been building in recent weeks, which could be a factor in last night's strong turnout, but the chances of a weekend close to $20 million now look even better.

Meanwhile, The Weinstein Company is sending St. Vincent into wide release today following its healthy start in limited play over the past couple of weeks.

More as it comes.


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200243 (Oct 25 - Oct 31)$106,478,206280%$138,943,00026%jackass: the movie
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200343 (Oct 24 - Oct 30)$144,810,48136%$163,602,00018%Scary Movie 3
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200643 (Oct 27 - Nov 02)$108,557,4700%$137,300,0001%Saw III
200543 (Oct 28 - Nov 03)$108,609,746-9%$135,668,0001%Saw II
201143 (Oct 28 - Nov 03)$118,805,027-20%$139,483,000-16%Puss in Boots (2011)
201043 (Oct 22 - Oct 28)$148,384,18212%$165,297,0004%Paranormal Activity 2
200943 (Oct 23 - Oct 29)$132,654,770-4%$158,629,000-4%Paranormal Activity
200043 (Oct 27 - Nov 02)$33,386,544-40%$103,703,000--Meet the Parents
200143 (Oct 26 - Nov 01)$28,054,503-16%$109,910,0006%K-PAX
201343 (Oct 25 - Oct 31)$123,093,09522%$136,638,0008%Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa
200843 (Oct 24 - Oct 30)$138,368,65134%$164,660,00024%High School Musical 3: Senior Year
201243 (Oct 26 - Nov 01)$100,527,190-15%$126,627,000-9%Argo