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TODAY'S EPISODE (31 December 2010)

Well, 2011 already bids fair to be the suckiest year in memory, but New Year's Day at least is not a total loss: Turner Classic Movies is running a Marx Brothers marathon, starting at 12:30 am (EST).

Well, actually it starts earlier, on New Year's eve, but as 2011 dawns you'll be able to see Animal Crackers, Monkey Business, Horse Feathers, Duck Soup, A Night at the Opera, and (at 5:30 am) the much funnier than its reputation suggests Go West, with the incomparable Groucho as S. Quentin Quale.

For those of you without basic cable, here's the great man himself singing the title song.

If that doesn't make you smile, seek immediate medical attention.


And with that out of the way, I am sad to announce that this will be the last episode of It's The Steve Simels Show.

I've been writing the column, on a five day a week basis, since May 1,2008 -- who amongst us can forget where they were when they first encountered my valentine to writer/director Gregory Poirier? -- and along the way, I've learned much that I hadn't previously known, shnorred countless wonderful DVDs and Blu-rays, and frankly cracked myself up on numerous occasions. It is, of course, my fondest wish that those of you who've been reading the poor scribblings here have had as much fun as I had actually writing them.

But, as today's title suggests, nothing lasts forever, and so I'm taking a desperately needed break from the daily grind of writing about Le Cinema. I'll continue to pontificate about semi-popular music over at PowerPop, of course, and if all goes according to plan, I will be doing the same for films and flicks at another web outlet before too long, although hopefully with a slightly less demanding schedule.

I'd be a very ungrateful idiot indeed if I didn't thank BOX OFFICE honcho Peter Cane for the opportunity to do this column in the first place. I've had, for all intents and purposes, total creative freedom here during the last two and a half years, i.e., I could pretty much write about and say anything I wanted to. That's rare under the best of circumstances, let alone in the current media climate, and I am forever grateful to Peter for giving me the shot.

Happy New Year, everybody. See you at the movies.



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  • Gwen De Marco on 31 December 2010

    Oh, rats. Gonna miss you, Steve.

  • Gummo on 31 December 2010

    Aww, sad news for us, your loyal readers, steve.

    Good luck in your next venture!

  • Culture of Truth on 31 December 2010

    Well, that is irksome news!

    Good luck indeed, steve!

  • kurt b. on 31 December 2010

    Aw, damn. Thanks to you (and your regular readers) for turning me on to some great flicks and making me laugh along the way.

    To quote a rather annoying, fly-faced Irish musician: "If you walk away, I will follow."

    Happy new year to you and all the regulars!

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