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August 2010 > Front Office Award

All that glitters

by Cole Hornaday

Tags: Diablo Cody , Donovan Leitch , Edgar Wright , Eli Roth , Golden Earrings , Joe Dante , John Landis , Julie Marchese , Marion Kerr , Michael Torgan , New Beverly Cinema , Peter Bogdonavich , Quentin Tarantino , Rian Johnson , The Blob , The In Crowd

ALL THAT GLITTERS Cinephile takes her own star bow by Cole Hornaday T he 2010 US Census has no tally for dreamers, but it’s a safe bet the majority live in Tinseltown. Every busboy is a future leading man, every waiter has a screenplay and the gal serving you popcorn has a 6 am screen ...

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July 2010 > Front Office Award

In Good Hands

by Cole Hornaday

Tags: Andrew Thompson , Coolidge Corner Theatre , nonprofit

IN GOOD HANDS Veteran manager has situation under control by Cole Hornaday L ike the lighthouse keepers of old, Andrew Thompson’s workday never ends. Ar riving early, leaving late, his job as Operations Manager at the Coolidge Corner Theatre calls for superhuman diligence. Thompson started ...

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June 2010 > Front Office Award

Celebrating diversity

by Cole Hornaday

Tags: Daime Lai , UA Los Cerritos Galaxy , United Artists

CELEBRATING DIVERSITY Variety is the spice of life By Cole Hornaday F or generations, the Californian city of Cerritos has been many things to a great many people. From the Native Americans to the Spanish colonists to today’s suburbanites, 60 percent of whom are fi rst and second gen...

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May 2010 > Front Office Award

Sweet science

by Cole Hornaday

Tags: Dale Sweet , Landmark , Tivoli Theater

FRONT OFFICE AWARD DALE SWEET > MANAGER TIVOLI THEATRE > ST. LOUIS, MO Nominated by Debbie Tzortzos, GM Landmark Cinemas. Sweet science Manager gives his all to a beloved old theater lems and prints not showing up on time.” Sweet’s relation ship with the Tivoli dates back to his teens...

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March 2010 > Front Office Award

Action hero

by Cole Hornaday

Tags: Chrisie Lancaster , Regal Franklin Square Stadium 14

FRONT OFFICE AWARD CHRISIE LANCASTER > GENERAL MANAGER REGAL FRANKLIN SQUARE STADIUM 14 > GASTONIA, NC Nominated by Klaudine Radford, district manager Action hero Goal-oriented GM takes on troubled times G astonia, North Carolina is a workingclass community woven into the textile indust...

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February 2010 > Front Office Award

Think global, lead local

Tags: Matt Meyer , Metro 4 , Metropolitan Theatres

FRONT OFFICE AWARD MATTHEW MEYER > MANAGER METRO 4 SANTA BARBARA, CA Nominated by Tracy Fisher, assistant manager, Plaza de Oro Theatre Think global, lead local Manager balances school, life, work M att Meyer downplays his entry into exhibition. “I was 17 when I got my first job with Me...

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January 2010 > Front Office Award

A personal touch

Tags: Cineart , Genevieve Gerst , Sequoia Theatre

FRONT OFFICE AWARD GENEVIEVE GERST > GENERAL MANAGER CINEMARK CENTURY REGENCY 6 SAN RAFAEL, CA Nominated by Bob Harrison, regional leader, Cinemark A personal touch Big fish, bigger pond O nce upon a time, Genevieve Gerst was a big fish in a little pond. She needed more room to grow an...

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December 2009 > Front Office Award

Lost and found

by Cole Hornaday

Tags: Andrew Jessee , Regal Cinema , Regal Harrisonburg Stadium 14

FRONT OFFICE AWARD ANDREW JESSEE > GENERAL MANAGER REGAL HARRISONBURG STADIUM 14 HARRISONBURG, VIRG. Nominated by Bryan Kjar, district manager, Regal Entertainment Group Lost and found A manager finds his path and his passion I t’s a grim world out there for new entries to the workforce....

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