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July 2010 > Going Green

What's Popping? - Hollywood Goes Green

by Amy Nicholson - Christian Toto

Tags: Ecoselect , Oceans , Popcorn , going green

WHAT’S POPPING? Landmark’s quest for a greener popcorn bag by Amy Nicholson “I t actually wasn’t much of a tough decision,” says Damien Farley, head of concessions for Landmark Theaters, on the chain’s recent switch to eco-friendly bags. They had standards: biodegradable, natural water-bas...

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July 2010 > Going Green

Hollywood Goes Green - It's Pretty Easy Being Green

by Christian Toto - S. Matthew Bauer

Tags: Avatar , Oceans , Spitfire Strategies , going green

GO GREEN > HOLLYWOOD GOES GREEN threatened by pollution and over-fi shing. That same day, Avatar hit DVD and Blu-ray shelves. Despite the dazzling CGI effects, the environmental messages within the movie can’t be missed. The peaceful citizens of Na’vi protect their planet from aggressive earth...

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July 2010 > Going Green

It's Pretty Easy Being Green - The Magnificent Eight

by S. Matthew Bauer - Amy Nicholson

Tags: Biodegradable , compost , conservation , energy

GO GREEN > IT’S PRETTY EASY BEING GREEN and Earth-friendly solvents, some changes are too subtle for the public to applaud. Here’s a flashy option: turn your staff into green, recycling, composting hippies. Start your green endeavor by recruiting that staff member with a bit of moxie; you’re g...

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