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June 2010 > StopPress

Online all the time

by Peter Cane

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STOPPRESS Online all the time B oxoffice went online for the fi rst time in 1994. The Internet was so young that we took several paragraphs to explain exactly what it was to our readers at the time, and those wanting access to our new site had to call Compuserve or Delphi (on a telephone!) to ar...

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April 2010 > StopPress

Here's to you Bob.

by Peter Cane

Tags: Bob Sunshine , ShowWest , nato

STOPPRESS HERE’S TO YOU, BOB. It is not unheard of for a glass or two to be raised at ShoWest, but this year there will something unique to toast—the close of a great, ten-year run for Bob Sunshine and his team at the helm of the industry’s premier gathering. There will be lots of memories to...

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March 2010 > StopPress

Case closed

Tags: Bud Mayo , Chuck Goldwater , Cinedigm , Digital Cinema Implementation Partners , James Cameron , Malcolm C. Green

STOPPRESS Case closed I f you were still skeptical as to whether digital and 3D were here to stay, James Cameron and 20th Century Fox have given us 2.2 billion (and counting) reasons to believe. At press time, we hear that Digital Cinema Implementation Partners has closed on its long awaited ...

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