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August 2010 > The Question

If you could take only one concession to a deserted island, what would you pick?

Tags: Buncha Crunch , Grown Ups , Michael Cera , Mike Mitchell , Nikkole Denson-Randolph , Rob Schneider , Scott Pilgrim vs. The World , Shrek

THE QUESTION: If you could take only one concession to a deserted island, what would you pick? Mike Mitchell Director, Shrek “I’d have to take the giant pretzel—no salt—and a gigantic packet of mustard. That’s my favorite, and not a lot of concession stands have that. It’s hard to find the g...

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February 2010 > The Question

Who was your first movie star crush?

Tags: Avatar , Cinebarre , Clash of the Titans , Huston’s Avon Theatre 3 , Jason Hall , Jon Landau , Jordan Revay , Kerry Condon , Louis Leterrier , Moolah Theatre & Lounge , Saoirse Ronan , Skip Huston , The Last Station , The Lovely Bones

PEANUTGALLERY THE QUESTION WHO WAS YOUR FIRST MOVIE STAR CRUSH? Saoirse Ronan Actress The Lovely Bones He’s not really a Hollywood guy, but Zack in Saved by the Bell. He was my first crush. I was quite young, actually. They used to replay it on Nickelodeon and I had a bit of a fancy for h...

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January 2010 > The Question

When was the moment you realized you loved working in the movie industry?

Tags: Avatar , , Death of a Salesman , Dustin Hoffman , Rolfe Kent , Ruben Fleischer , Stephen Lang , Up in the Air , Victoria Karol , Zombieland

PEANUTGALLERY Ruben Fleischer THE QUESTION Director, Zombieland WHEN WAS THE MOMENT YOU REALIZED On my first job as a director’s YOU LOVED WORKING IN THE INDUSTRY? assistant on Chuck & Buck, I Stephen Lang Actor, Avatar When I was cast as Happy in Death of a Salesman with Dustin Hof...

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