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Begin with the Hobitteration of the competition

on December 13, 2012 by Alex Edghill

upcoming121412.jpgThursday Morning Update: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey rose 38% on Wednesday to 24,170 tweets and 27.48% market share, up from 17,474 tweets and 16.31% market share on Tuesday. Two solid increases over the last two days have been encouraging for its potential.


Date Movie Mon Tue Wed Thu Total
11/19/10 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I 18,552 19,015 21,529 42,232 101,328
3/23/12 The Hunger Games 34,476 37,820 45,896 96,631 214,823
5/4/12 Marvel's The Avengers 45,936 51,744 49,147 70,595 217,422
6/8/12 Prometheus 8,263 10,091 12,928 15,133 46,415
7/20/12 The Dark Knight Rises 25,689 31,908 52,921 82,444 192,962
12/14/12 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 13,179 17,474 24,170   54,823

Though this Tuesday total was a decent bump in traffic the film is still lagging significantly behind the Deathly Hallows: Part I which had a ~1,600 ratio a couple years ago. With ratios generally seeing upticks as time progresses I've got to think that 2,000 should be the basement here. With that in mind the $125 million that the aforementioned Potter began with looks to be out of reach at this time. Bear in mind that the December opening record is 'just' $77 million that I Am Legend secured 5 years ago, even the mighty Avatar didn't best it. December is more known for its huge legs rather than top-heavy opening. This December record will be no trouble for The Hobbit to smash but the heights of most of my lofty comparisons are going to be too high to scale.

Top 10 Upcoming Movies for Wednesday December 12th

Film Tweets
1 Man of Steel 24,248
2 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 24,170
3 Les Miserables (2012) 3,746
4 The End of the World 3,143
5 After Earth 2,948
6 The Lone Ranger 2,443
7 Django Unchained 2,421
8 Texas Chainsaw 3D 2,357
9 G.I. Joe: Retaliation 2,138
10 Insidious Chapter 2 1,646

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