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Sulley and Mike take aim at the competition

on December 18, 2012 by Alex Edghill

upcoming122112.jpgTuesday Morning Update: Monsters Inc. 3D led the pack of new openers this week on Monday with 1,958 tweets and 2.33% market share. 3D re-releases started really strong with the Lion King 3D last September but since then the returns have steadily been diminishing, a trend which Monsters Inc. no doubt hopes to reverse. The primary audience here will be families with younger children, with some seats filled by teens and twentysomethings who enjoyed its first release. By comparison, Finding Nemo 3D nabbed 5,267 tweets two days before its release in September and Beauty And The Beast 3D had 2,070 way back in January. This is a decent start here for Monsters but not one that screams breakout either. Mid to high teen millions over its opening five days look likely.

This Is 40 was next in line with 1,137 tweets and 1.35% market share on Monday. Decent beginning here for the Judd Apatow film which should do best amongst the 30+ crowd with a solid overlap between men and women. By comparison, American Reunion had 2,016 tweets its Monday before release while Bridesmaids had 890. I would imagine its ratio is going to end up somewhere between by two comparisons which means that mid teen millions look to be the best it can hope for as of right now. That would make this the first Apatow-directed film to open under $20 million.

Somewhat ironically, Seth Rogen will go up against the man who gave him his break in feature films in Apatow as he opens The Guilt Trip on Friday. Trip had a much leaner 437 tweets and 0.52% Monday. The film is going after the older 30+ demographic similarly to This Is 40 though the presence of Streisand will no doubt give it a boost amongst women. By comparison, Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World had 806 tweets its Monday before release while The Five-Year Engagement had 1,561. This is a very modest beginning and while I know films appealing to older women have some of the lowest ratios I would have liked to have seen something much closer to 1,000 to indicate that even hitting teen millions was a possibility.

Jack Reacher brought up the rear with a relatively tiny 276 tweets and 0.33% market share. Now while that is indeed a very low numbers it is important to note that the target audience of this film is older men who tend to produce the lowest ratios of all films, even lower than family films and those skewing to older women. By comparison, Killing Them Softly had 475 tweets its Monday before release and Drive had 535. Tuesday so far has seen it make big strides (its looking to end close to 1,000 tweets) so I'm going to not panic at the low start but look to tomorrow before making any rash calls about potential.

Top 10 Upcoming Movies for Monday December 17th

Film Tweets
1 The End of the World 8,630
2 Star Trek Into Darkness 7,811
3 Les Miserables (2012) 2,347
4 Transformers 4 2,282
5 Django Unchained 1,967
6 Monsters, Inc. 3D 1,958
7 Man of Steel 1,906
8 Gangster Squad 1,812
9 Pacific Rim 1,794
10 Texas Chainsaw 3D 1,776

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