Tweet counts and analysis for Thursday, January 24th

'Hansel and Gretel' surges to take the lead amongst the newcomers

on January 24, 2013 by Alex Edghill

upcoming012513.jpgThursday Morning Update: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters boomed for the second day in a row on Twitter, ending up with 7,116 tweets and 9.57% market share. This was up 115% from Tuesday's 3,306 tweets and 5.03% market share, and gave it two back to back 100% gains which is pretty unusual. By comparison, Snow White And The Huntsman had 8,113 tweets on its Wednesday before release and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter had 3,020 tweets. After Tuesday's numbers I said it would have been my pick for #1, but after its Wednesday numbers its a no brainer. Its on course for 16,000 tweets for the week and assuming a ratio of ~2,500 I'd expect $6 million on Friday and $17 million over the full weekend to lead the newcomers.

Movie 43 once again had a hefty fall, this time dropping 28% on Wednesday to 6,415 tweets and 8.63% market share, down from 8,857 tweets and 13.47% market share on Monday. By comparison, A Haunted House had 8,528 tweets its Wednesday before release. I figured it would fall again but this drop is even larger than I anticipated. Its going to end up with ~50,000 tweets on the week and with a ratio of 12,500 look for $4 million on Friday and $11.1 million on the weekend.

Parker dipped 14% on Wednesday to 1,176 tweets and 1.58% market share, down from 1,368 tweets and 2.08% market share on Tuesday. By comparison, The Mechanic had 677 tweets its Wednesday before release, Killer Elite had 497 and Safe had 374. I think the ratio here is going to be 1,200 which is a bump up from the usual returns from Statham films thanks to added attention from Jennifer Lopez. With a projected 4,000 tweets on the week I am expected $3.3 million on Friday and $9.4 million on the weekend.

Top 10 Upcoming Movies for Wednesday January 23rd

Film Tweets
1 Safe Haven 22,242
2 Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters 7,116
3 Movie 43 6,415
4 Warm Bodies 3,700
5 Side Effects (2013) 2,808
6 Man of Steel 1,869
7 Beautiful Creatures (2013) 1,711
8 Olympus Has Fallen 1,555
9 A Good Day to Die Hard 1,410
10 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 1,264

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