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'Movie 43' starts impressively thanks to new red-band preview

on January 22, 2013 by Alex Edghill

upcoming012513.jpgTuesday Morning Update: Movie 43 surged to the head of all films on Monday with an eye-popping 30,279 tweets and 34.34% market share. This was after its Sunday return was a relatively meager 3,035. The reason for the huge bump you ask? Well a new red-band preview was released on Monday which clearly grabbed a lot of attention. This is a tough one to place because the combination of red-band clips and the star-studded cast will make for one giant ratio, making it more difficult to pin down actual interest in watching the film from those just commenting about their favourite actors. It also will likely see a hefty fall in numbers for Tuesday and Wednesday at the very least as the preview buzz wanes. By comparison, A Haunted House had 10,090 tweets its Monday before release, without any new red-band previews to boost traffic on its way to a ratio of 6,000. In light of the bigger cast and release week tactics here I would say a ratio of ~10,000 would be the basement.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters came in second amongst the new openers on Monday with 1,309 tweets and 1.48% market share. The rehash of the classic fairy tale has been in the works for a long while, and actually wrapped filming in 2011 and was supposed to see a release in March of 2012. The film was shot partially in 3D and partially in 2D, with some post-production conversation of 2D footage. The long delay in release was no doubt in part due to its backers wanting to cash in on Jeremy Renner's rising star after the Summer opening of The Avengers. The film is clearly focusing on young males and is going to have a hard time finding many women to fill seats. In addition, the horror aspects of the movie will have a hard time finding takers as that genre has been tapped out for each of the last three weekends with Texas Chainsaw 3D, A Haunted House and Mama. By comparison, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter had 3,182 tweets its Monday before release. Not the best of starts here in light of the comparison but so far on Tuesday it has picked up its game significantly and will end up well above 2,000 tweets which is a welcomed sight.

Lastly, Parker began with 619 tweets and 0.7% market share on Monday. Jason Statham and his films consistently fly under the radar on Twitter. Whether that is a feature of his target audience or the social media push or lack thereof by his distributors I'm not sure but of his last three solo films (The Mechanic, Killer Elite and Safe) there has been a total of one day over 1,000 in the week leading up to release (The Mechanic had 1,002 tweets on its day before release). By comparison, The Mechanic had 304 tweets its Monday before release, Killer Elite had 545 and Safe had 174. The addition of Jennifer Lopez here also won't hurt its chances at filling seats with a wider range of people. I wouldn't bet against this leading all films on the weekend just yet.

Top 10 Upcoming Movies for Monday January 21st

Film Tweets
1 Movie 43 30,279
2 Safe Haven 11,164
3 A Good Day to Die Hard 2,500
4 Warm Bodies 2,385
5 Kick-Ass 2 2,345
6 Identity Thief 2,012
7 Side Effects (2013) 1,489
8 Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters 1,309
9 Evil Dead 1,227
10 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 922

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