Tweet counts and analysis for the Week of May 13th

UPDATED: 'Star Trek' into riches

on May 15, 2013 by Alex Edghill

upcoming051713.jpgWednesday Morning Update: Star Trek Into Darkness continued its meteoric rise on Twitter yesterday as it accounted for 18,470 tweets, a whopping 137% bump from Monday's 7,784 tweets. By comparison, Prometheus had 10,091 tweets its Tuesday before release, and Oblivion had 4,468. This continues to impress and with its current track for today it looks set to break 20,000 tweets for Wednesday as well. These are indeed massive numbers, especially for a male-skewing sci-fi film. Inception currently holds the record for most tweets in its release week for the sci-fi genre with 81,006 and Prometheus a distant second with 46,415. With 26,254 tweets already in the bag it should easily be able to slide into #2 slot by the end of the day. $100 million+ by Sunday now looks to be a virtual lock.

Tuesday Morning Update: Star Trek Into Darkness began its release week with 7,784 tweets on Monday, good enough for only 6th place on the day but its big jump of over 350% from its Sunday returns are very impressive nonetheless. The film has a huge built in audience thanks to both the greater Star Trek franchise and new fans created from the first film of this current reboot. I would expect it to skew older and male due to the former, and that should keep its ratio relatively low. By comparison, Prometheus had 8,263 tweets its Monday before release, and Oblivion had 4,041. A wrinkle here in my analysis is that the film will open on Thursday which is pretty unusual and something which has only happened a handful of times over the last four years. Regardless I think a ratio of around 1,000 is pretty much assured and with the volume of tweets it is pulling down it should have no problem slingshoting past the three figures mark over its first four days.

Top Movies for the Week of May 13th

Rk Film Mon Tue Week Mon - Tue %
1 (+1) Fast & Furious 6 17,048 31,880 48,928 87%
2 (-1) The Great Gatsby (2013) 37,401 27,562 64,963 -26%
3 (+3) Star Trek Into Darkness 7,784 18,470 26,254 137%
4 (-) The Hangover Part III 10,575 12,897 23,472 22%
5 (-2) The Purge 11,123 11,207 22,330 1%
6 (-1) Iron Man 3 9,847 7,203 17,050 -27%
7 (+12) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 1,098 6,684 7,782 509%
8 (-1) Monsters University 3,132 6,600 9,732 111%
9 (+1) Finding Dory 2,613 5,796 8,409 122%
10 (+1) Now You See Me 2,333 2,782 5,115 19%

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