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UPDATED: 'Man Of Steel' eyes $100 million opening, 'This Is The End' surprises

on June 13, 2013 by Alex Edghill

upcoming061413.jpgThursday Morning Update: Man Of Steel rose 24% to 30,496 tweets on Wednesday, up from 24,227 tweets on Tuesday. I'm projecting that it will pass the magical 100,000 tweet mark on the week by the end of today. With an expected ratio of ~2,500 look for a superhuman-like $44 million on Friday (including midnights) and $115 million on the weekend.

This Is The End saw a 100% jump on its opening day Wednesday to 24,835 tweets, up from 12,602 tweets on Tuesday. This is a pretty large jump and with early word that its Tuesday shows raked in over $2 million this is poised for an impressive five day beginning. $40 million by the end of Sunday looks likely which is a massive win considering that the film cost $31 million plus prints and advertising. Huge win for Rogen and crew.

Wednesday Morning Update: Man Of Steel rose 72% to 24,227 tweets on Tuesday, up from 14,055 tweets on Monday. It is officially taking off and is stacking up well to past Christopher Nolan helmed films such as The Dark Knight (31,908 tweets its Tuesday before release) and Inception (15,787 tweets its Tuesday before release). In addition it is dwarfing The Amazing Spider-Man's returns which were only 3,322 on the same relative day before its release. In recent years reboots in the superhero genres have been modestly successful at best (yes I'm looking at you Superman Returns, Hulk and Spider-Man) but the reception for this on Twitter and building buzz really has me thinking that this is going to blow up on opening weekend. Three figures should be a definite possibility with the potential to creep even higher. Warner Bros. have a big winner on their hands here. Unlike Superman Returns this should very definitely get the franchise off the ground again.

This Is The End rose 138% on Tuesday to 12,602 tweets, up from 5,285 tweets on Monday. This was its day before release which helped to spike traffic as it does for all films which explains much of the jump. The Watch had just 7,063 tweets its day before release which definitely indicates that This Is The End has a good shot at surpassing its opening returns of ~$12 million in its first three days since the ratios for both should be similar(ish). The 'ish' because the presence of more stars here will drive more buzz as it always does for large ensemble casts.

Tuesday Morning Update: Man Of Steel began its release week with a very strong 14,055 tweets. It is the latest reboot of an often visited superhero - Superman. This is the second reboot of the franchise in the last 7 years after 2006's Superman Returns failed to make much of an impression on the character's loyal fanbase and indeed left a big hole in its investor's wallets. This time around a seasoned actor has been selected to play Clark Kent in Henry Cavill (rather than no-name Brandon Routh) and heavyweights Christopher Nolan and Zach Snyder have come on board to produce and direct respectively which alone brings huge attention. The best comparison I can think of would be last Summer's The Amazing Spiderman. Now that film opened on a Tuesday but if I look at its returns four days before its release it managed just 3,979 tweets. Not exactly apples to apples since that was a Friday but still gives a good idea as to how impressive Man Of Steel has been thus far. I have no doubt that it is going to fly past Spidey's $62 million over its first weekend.

This Is The End also had a seemingly strong start to its week as it secured 5,285 tweets on Monday. R-Rated comedies do tend to have higher ratios it is true and when comparing it to last year's The Watch (which had 4,396 tweets its Monday before release) it is in the same ball park which worries me. The starpower involved here is pretty massive which also will drive more tweets than normal. Unless it really breaks out I have a hard time seeing it doing anything more than mid to upper teens at best.

Top Movies for the Week of June 10th

Rk Film Tue Wed Week Tue - Wed %
1 (+2) Man of Steel 24,227 30,496 68,778 26%
2 (-1) The Purge 37,377 26,956 122,917 -28%
3 (+2) This Is The End 12,602 24,835 42,722 97%
4 (-2) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 34,754 21,625 63,863 -38%
5 (-1) Now You See Me 22,264 20,744 70,619 -7%
6 (-) Despicable Me 2 9,447 9,225 24,599 -2%
7 (+1) World War Z 6,083 7,272 18,900 20%
8 (+3) Monsters University 5,279 5,614 17,696 6%
9 (-) After Earth 5,898 5,497 19,599 -7%
10 (-) Insidious Chapter 2 5,526 4,223 15,740 -24%

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