Tweet counts and analysis for the Week of June 3rd

UPDATED: 'Purge' still way out front, 'Internship' sneaks well

on June 05, 2013 by Alex Edghill


Wednesday Morning Update: The Purge continued its impressive form on Tuesday as it raked in a further 61,624 tweets on the day. This was down 2% from Monday's 62,715 tweets which usually is not the best of signs but the overall massive levels of buzz will allow me to give it a pass. One thing I will say though is that if Wednesday's numbers also hover around 60,000 tweets it will be somewhat of a red flag as to its potential. In general films, no matter how high the buzz levels, which hover at the same level during its release week are indicative of a lack of building interest outside of its built in audience and usual have big ratios and comparatively disappointing totals. Of course there are always exceptions but I have been burned by the horror genre more than a few times by heightened Twitter buzz. By comparison, Sinister had 23,288 tweets on its Tuesday before release. Sinister had a ratio of over 14,000, while the horror genre record is just over 18,000 with last year's Paranormal Activity 4. I wouldn't be surprised to see it zoom past both those numbers. 

The Internship rose 45% to 4,971 tweets on Tuesday, up from 3,430 tweets on Monday. I hadn't realized yesterday but the film actually had sneaks on Saturday night and also on Monday I believe. This generally spikes tweets surrounding it and will artificially inflate its numbers. It will be interesting to see its Wednesday returns, one more day removed from its earlier sneaks to see if it falls or if buzz from them spurs an overall increase in awareness. One very positive thing of note is that on both Saturday and Monday its positive to negative ratio soared to 25:1 and 62:1 respectively. Single point analysis sure, but that is a good sign in my books for potential.

Tuesday Morning Update: The Purge is quickly becoming one of the most talked about films on Twitter thanks to its intriguingly spooky premise and marketing push. It raked in 62,715 tweets on Monday which was the second most on the year for Monday before release behind only Fast & Furious 6's 66,785 and the 6th biggest Monday ever behind the last four Twilight films and the aforementioned Fast 6. Now I don't know if its just me but all the 6's in the last sentence is pretty damn spooky considering the pure evil this movie depicts! The film is definitely attracting a ton of buzz, not only from diehard horror fans but many who just are commenting on its premise and either praising or denouncing it and/or society in general. Lena Headley's Game Of Throne fan base also aren't hurting its buzz levels. By comparison, Sinister had 'just' 18,413 tweets on its Monday before release. The is little doubt the ratio here is going to be massive but two things are pretty clear as of right now: it should have little problem passing the $20 million opening mark which will likely more than pay back for the micro-budget of the film and that it has been one of the most talked about horrors, scratch that, films ever that I had tracked.

The Internship brought up the rear with a comparatively scant 3,430 tweets. In actual fact this is also a very impressive number since the film's target audience of older males typically have below average ratios. By comparison, Couple's Retreat had just 533 tweets its Monday before release, Hall Pass had 629 and This Is 40 had 1,137. Of course the Google presence here is drawing a lot of comments and the fact that Twitter itself has become much more popular in recent years also contributes. It might end up being a much closer battle between this and The Purge than these number suggest and while I still think the latter is the front-runner I wouldn't count out this just yet. I look forward to seeing tomorrow's returns for both films as always.

Top Movies for the Week of June 3rd

Rk Film Sun Mon Sun - Mon %
1 (+2) The Purge 36,299 62,715 73%
2 (-1) Fast & Furious 6 52,071 41,229 -21%
3 (-1) Now You See Me 36,454 28,870 -21%
4 (-) The Hangover Part III 31,335 23,695 -24%
5 (-) After Earth 18,494 12,195 -34%
6 (-) World War Z 5,691 9,718 71%
7 (+1) Man of Steel 5,509 7,001 27%
8 (-1) Monsters University 5,613 4,538 -19%
9 (+4) The Internship 1,418 3,430 142%
10 (-) This Is The End 1,932 2,918 51%

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