Tweet counts and analysis for the Week of June 24th

UPDATED: 'White House Down' and 'The Heat' have strong outlooks

on June 26, 2013 by Alex Edghill

upcoming062813.jpgWednesday Morning Update: White House Down rose 78% on Tuesday to 4,848 tweets, up from 2,729 tweets on Monday, moving it up to 11th spot on the day (up from 13th on Monday). By comparison, Olympus Has Fallen saw 3,458 tweets its Tuesday before release. Hefty increase on the day which is always a good sign for its potential. We will see what tomorrow brings but it might have a shot at $35 million+ on the weekend given this increase.

The Heat continued to be a pain to track, rising 46% to 551 tweets on Tuesday, up from 377 tweets on Monday. Despite the low numbers which are to be expected thanks to the aforementioned title woes, the expected miniscule ratio has this looking set to edge ahead of White House Down over the three day weekend.

Tuesday Morning Update: White House Down kicked off its release week with a sound 2,729 tweets, allowing it to hit 13th spot on the charts. The film will appeal primarily to middle aged males 30+ but Channing Tatum has also proven to be able to fill seats with the ladies in his past films. By comparison, Olympus Has Fallen saw 2,826 tweets its Monday before release and should be a great marker going forward though I would expect Tatum's starpower and pull with the ladies to give White House Down a higher ratio. At this point I'd say $30 million+ is in the bag.

The Heat is a Twitter tracking nightmare. Plain and simple. With the Miami Heat winning the NBA championship recently and Summer beginning in North America its just a tough title to nail down without letting in loads of false positive matches. The film has two female heavyweights as leads in Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy and should primarily be driven by females 30+. I counted only 377 tweets for it on Monday but again there were likely many many more but the very common name just makes it difficult to batten down. I'll be taking a close look at its daily percentage change this week but I think its in line for a very low ratio. Tis might actually be the one to beat this weekend given Bullock's appeal and McCarthy's newly acquired it-girl status.

Top Movies for the Week of June 24th

Rk Film Mon Tue Week Mon - Tue %
1 (-) World War Z 43,045 30,925 73,970 -28%
2 (-) Monsters University 35,553 30,003 65,556 -16%
3 (+4) One Direction: This Is Us 8,539 25,029 33,568 193%
4 (-1) Man of Steel 24,802 13,298 38,100 -46%
5 (+7) The Conjuring 2,742 12,827 15,569 368%
6 (-1) Despicable Me 2 12,579 11,282 23,861 -10%
7 (+39) I'm So Excited 324 7,403 7,727 2185%
8 (-2) This Is The End 9,456 7,368 16,824 -22%
9 (-) Finding Dory 4,546 6,818 11,364 50%
10 (-) Grown Ups 2 3,736 6,400 10,136 71%
11 (+2) White House Down 2,729 4,848 7,577 78%
38 (+6) The Heat 377 551 928 46%

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