Tweet counts and analysis for the Week of July 1st

UPDATED: 'Despicable Me 2' set to rule Independence weekend

on July 03, 2013 by Alex Edghill

upcoming070513.jpgWednesday Morning Update: Despicable Me 2 rose a hefty 90% on Tuesday to 33,014 tweets to lead all films, up from 17,334 tweets on Monday. This marked both the largest Tuesday for any animated film over the past four years and the largest day before release. I know it is already in release in the UK and a handful of other areas which does help its traction on Twitter but its hard to ignore these huge numbers even at a discounted rate. By comparison, Toy Story 3 had 21,510 tweets its day before release. Its already increased its proportion of tweets from 20% of all the upcoming films on Tuesday to 30% on Wednesday as I'm writing this so that speaks very well to its potential today as well and reflects positively on its midnight numbers. Look for $50 million over is first couple days and then $80 million over the weekend, giving it a stunning $130 million by Sunday and top spot at the box office. 


Lone Ranger rose a similar 86% on Tuesday to 4,281 tweets, up from 2,305 tweets on Monday. While the percentage rise was strong, its overall numbers are severely lacking, especially for a big Summer action flick with blockbuster aspirations. By comparison, Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides had 8,384 tweets its day before release, while John Carter had 5,337. By now its a foregone conclusion that this is going to be one of Summer's disappointments, its just a matter of how much will it disappoint. Coming in at half the tweets of a two year old movie of which they are trying to ride the coat tails of (yes Pirates 4) and less than John Carter pretty much spells that out clearly. Expect $18 million over its first couple days and then $29 million over the weekend for just $47 million over the five day weekend.



Tuesday Morning Update: Despicable Me 2 is really going off on Twitter over the past couple weeks thanks to its International release and the upcoming North American release. Its mammoth 17,334 tweets on Monday was the largest of any animated film over the last four years. The first film was a smash success with huge legs and did big things on the home market and early signs here are pointing to even bigger things here. By comparison, Toy Story 3 had 13,389 tweets its Monday before release and 17,346 tweets two days before its release. Despicable Me 2 did release in more territories prior to its North American release than Toy Story 3 did which will no doubt boost its numbers but still its hard to ignore the volume. It will open on Wednesday and with the 4th of July weekend ahead of it expect it to play really well up to Sunday. At this point its hard to see how it doesn't blow by the $100 million mark over its first 5 days.

And then we come to Disney's Lone Ranger at the other end of the spectrum. It trotted its way to 2,305 tweets its Monday before release. It is aiming to appeal to family audiences and young males but the only problem is that Despicable Me 2 is also gunning for those demographics in large part and based on these tweet numbers it is clearly winning the battle. By comparison, Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides had 4,773 tweets its Monday before release and 7,023 tweets two days before its release. Its definitely not going to perform like Pirates 5 but the Disney marketing push and Johnny Depp should ensure that it isn't an outright flop. $50 million+ by Sunday should be a possibility.

Top Movies for the Week of July 1st


Rk Film Mon Tue Week Mon - Tue %
1 (-) Despicable Me 2 17,334 33,014 50,348 90%
2 (+1) World War Z 13,346 19,828 33,174 49%
3 (-1) Monsters University 13,757 14,215 27,972 3%
4 (+1) The Conjuring 8,317 12,444 20,761 50%
5 (-1) White House Down 10,221 8,805 19,026 -14%
6 (+5) Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain 2,866 5,546 8,412 94%
7 (-1) Grown Ups 2 6,431 4,548 10,979 -29%
8 (+6) The Lone Ranger 2,305 4,281 6,586 86%
9 (+4) The Wolverine 2,325 3,165 5,490 36%
10 (+2) Pacific Rim 2,466 2,885 5,351 17%


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