CineLux to Open New Luxury Theater in Gilroy, California


Silicon Valley based CineLux Theatres is expanding into Gilroy and will create a first class movie going experience at CineLux Gilroy Café and Lounge, at the former Platinum Theaters site. Construction will commence in January when CineLux’s newest South County venue will feature an expanded lobby, café and lounge, spacious reclining seats, modern decor, and two premium format screens which will debut CineLux VPX – VIP Extreme Experience. CineLux VPX at Gilroy will feature giant wall to wall screens complemented with Dolby Atmos immersive sound.

The new luxury venue in Gilroy will showcase local wines and craft beers produced in South County, and freshly prepared meals and desserts. Auditoriums will feature spacious reclining seats, pristine digital projection and state-of-the- art sound systems. The theatre will close on January 1 for its extensive remodel and will launch in late Spring.

“Our goal is to redefine going to the movies in Gilroy. We are creating a comfortable lounge where movie-goers can relax before and after their film. We believe that our Café & Lounge concept, complemented with reclining seats and two PLF (Premium Large Format) screens is the perfect complement to traditional movie-going and we can’t wait to introduce it to the community of Gilroy,” said Paul Gunsky, President of CineLux Theatres.

CineLux Theatres is a regional motion picture theatre company based in the Silicon Valley. CineLux is known for setting a high standard in presentation and takes great pride in providing attentive guest service and working closely with each community that it serves.

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  1. Avatar
    Lorrin January 01, 2019

    I really hope that cinelux takes people with food allergies into consideration when it closes our current theater. Sure it’s small, but the lack of crowds and nuts made it a great place to take our son.

    • Avatar
      James hunter January 04, 2019

      Who eats nuts at a theater ?

  2. Avatar
    Janet Krulee January 01, 2019

    Will you honor the Platinum gift certificate that were just received for a certain amount of time?

  3. Avatar
    Excited January 01, 2019

    Awesome news… Really looking forward to this

  4. Avatar
    Joey January 02, 2019

    This is great. We need to have our city council put in legislation that attracts new businesses, revamp downtown and use all the new property tax money to make Gilroy and attraction to go to as Morgan Hill has.

  5. Avatar
    Stoked January 04, 2019

    So Excited! This is great news and I’m certain it will be well received. Thank You CineLux, looking forward to it. I’ll start using the Gilroy facility for sure.

  6. Avatar
    KIM MANNINO January 04, 2019

    Can’t wait! Now I don’t have to go to Morgan Hill for a movie! REALLY looking forward to a luxury experience.

  7. Avatar
    Kristin January 05, 2019

    We (most of Gilroy) have been waiting for this for years!!! We welcome you to Gilroy with open arms and gratitude !!! We can’t wait for the Cinelux experience!!

  8. Avatar
    Alyson January 10, 2019

    I’m happy, I’ll finally go to the movies again. I just hope they lose all the previous staff with this update. New theater, new staff.


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