Junction 48 poster

Junction 48 (2017-03-03)

Distributor: The Orchard
Director: Udi Aloni
Writers: Oren Moverman
Producers: David Silber, Lawrence Inglee, Stefan Arndt, Udi Aloni

Opening Weekend: $5,516

Total Worldwide Gross: $12,795

Total Domestic Gross: $12,795

About Junction 48

Kareem (Tamer Nafar), a young Palestinian musician, lives in a destitute town a few kilometers east of Tel Aviv, where Arabs and Jews live side-by-side. He spends his days wandering aimlessly between dead end jobs and hanging out with his drug-dealing friends. When his family is struck by unimaginable tragedy, Kareem finds refuge in the world of hip hop. As Kareem's star potential as "the first Arab rapper" garners attention, his own political consciousness grows and his lyrics become more defiant toward the oppressive political climate. While Kareem tries to find his voice, he and his friends continue to face intense prejudice, and even violence. Joined by his girlfriend Manar (Samar Qupty) who sings alongside Kareem, the two decide to use their songs to fight against oppression through the universal language of music.  JUNCTION 48 is co-written by Academy Award® nominee Oren Moverman (LOVE & MERCY, THE MESSENGER) and is based on the real-life experiences of lead actor and co-writer, Tamer Nafer.

Daily Domestic Gross

2017-03-16 $3,300
2017-03-14 $182
2017-03-13 $230
2017-03-12 $364
2017-03-11 $463
2017-03-10 $383
2017-03-09 $587
2017-03-08 $437
2017-03-07 $672
2017-03-06 $661
2017-03-05 $1,347
2017-03-04 $2,486
2017-03-03 $1,683