The Divine Order poster

The Divine Order (2017-10-27)

Distributor: Kino Lorber / Zeitgeist Films

Opening Weekend: $2,615

Total Worldwide Gross: $73,268

Total Domestic Gross: $73,268

About The Divine Order

THE DIVINE ORDER is the story of Nora, an agreeably submissive and seemingly unremarkable young housewife living in a small village in Switzerland in 1971, as the rest of the world is changing and women there still don't have the right to vote. After Nora experiences unfamiliar stirrings of dissatisfaction with her place in society, she begins to stand up to the closed minded townsfolk of both sexes in her village. Despite obstacles and backlash (and some amusing sequences including one with a guru who has Nora and her compatriots use a mirror in an unusual way) Nora becomes a hero as she overthrows the status quo.

  • Rating: Unrated
  • 96 min
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  • Drama - Foreign Language (German)

Daily Domestic Gross

2018-01-15 $3,722