Samsung Unveils First LED Cinema Screen in the US at Pacific Theatres Winnetka

Samsung’s LED Cinema Screen has officially arrived in the United States. The revolutionary new technology will be making its commercial debut in the U.S. this weekend, on the eve of CinemaCon, at the Pacific Theatres Winnetka with XD location in Chatsworth, California. Boxoffice previously covered the technology in February.

“Samsung is thrilled to announce the U.S. launch of the first ever Cinema LED screen at Pacific Theatres Winnetka with XD,” Stephen Choi, Head of North America Display Office at Samsung Electronics, told Boxoffice ahead of the screen’s stateside launch. “We hope that more movie-goers can experience the Cinema LED screen firsthand as we look to partner with more theaters around the world.”

The Samsung Cinema Screen is the industry’s first LED display to be HDR compliant and carry a DCI certification. It stretches nearly 33.8ft wide and is 17.7ft in height, featuring nearly 9 million pixels–with the capacity to display true black colors. The screen’s audio solution was developed in partnership with HARMAN International through its JBL Professional cinema sound audio system.


Daniel Loria


  1. Avatar
    doom April 19, 2018

    ir’s a big tv… is this where we’re headed?

  2. Avatar
    bearole April 19, 2018

    So it’s got 4K resolution. Is it so hard to say that instead of “9 million pixels”?


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