Weekend Projections: ‘The Fate of the Furious’ Eyes $18.6M; ‘Baahubali 2’ & ‘How to Be a Latin Lover’ Surprise; ‘The Circle’ Debuts Modestly

Saturday Update: The Fate of the Furious reigned supreme on its 15th day of release Friday with another $5.093 million in the bank, giving it a domestic haul of $178.425 million to date. The franchise sequel is set to win its third straight weekend with a projected $18.6 million.

The somewhat more surprising news items of Friday, however, were the opening day bows of both Baahubali 2: The Conclusion ($4.75 million from 445 locations) and How to Be a Latin Lover ($3.9 million from 1,118 locations). The former of those two titles generated $2.5 million of that figure during Thursday previews. The counter-programming releases respectively came out from the under the radar and far surpassed tracking metrics to deliver stronger opening day grosses than full-wide release The Circle, which took in a modest $3.2 million in fourth place yesterday. Sleight delivered $582,000 from its 562 locations yesterday as well.

Key weekend projections based on studio figures and, in some cases, their own projections this morning are listed below. Complete studio estimates will be reported on Sunday.

WIDE (1000+)

1 The Fate of the Furious $18,600,000 -52% 4,077 -252 $4,562 $191,931,575 3 Universal
2 How to Be A Latin Lover $12,200,000 1,118 $10,912 $12,200,000 1 Lionsgate / Pantelion
3 The Circle $8,900,000 3,163 $2,814 $8,900,000 1 STX Entertainment
4 The Boss Baby $8,100,000 -36% 3,739 42 $2,166 $147,515,584 5 Fox / DreamWorks Animation
5 Beauty and the Beast $6,200,000 -36% 3,155 -160 $1,965 $479,900,233 7 Disney
6 Going in Style $3,300,000 -33% 2,761 -277 $1,195 $37,039,770 4 Warner Bros. / New Line
7 Gifted $3,000,000 -34% 2,215 229 $1,354 $15,530,025 4 Fox Searchlight
8 Smurfs: The Lost Village $2,900,000 -41% 2,554 -183 $1,135 $37,319,501 4 Sony / Columbia
9 Born in China $2,300,000 -52% 1,508 0 $1,525 $8,734,031 2 Disneynature
10 Unforgettable $2,200,000 -54% 2,417 0 $910 $8,738,819 2 Warner Bros.
11 Get Out $1,500,000 -10% 1,563 598 $960 $172,324,010 10 Universal
12 The Promise $1,400,000 -66% 2,251 0 $622 $7,024,018 2 Open Road

LIMITED (100 — 999)

1 Baahubali 2: The Conclusion $8,500,000 445 $19,101 $8,500,000 1 Great India Films
2 Sleight $1,500,000 565 $2,655 $1,500,000 1 High Top Releasing
3 Logan $705,000 -27% 614 -140 $1,148 $224,441,711 9 Fox
4 Hidden Figures $87,000 -53% 124 -36 $702 $168,992,613 19 Fox


Friday Report: Sources report that How to Be a Latin Lover scored $450,000 in its debut last night from 925 of its overall 1,118 locations this weekend. Comparisons are few and far between outside of Instructions Not Included, but that film didn’t report any Thursday night figures when it opened in September 2013 ahead of Labor Day.

The Circle took in $430,000 last night, nearly doubling the $220,000 of fellow STX release The Edge of Seventeen and coming in shy of the $660,000 earned by Unfriended in April 2015.

Expectations for the weekend remain largely in favor of The Fate of the Furious as it paces to record a third straight box office victory. We’ll have official Friday estimates from the studios and key weekend projections on Saturday.

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    Jake Jones April 28, 2017

    Geez, Box-office.com, you guys racist much? Baahubali 2 made $2.5 freaking million last night in its preview yet somehow got no mention. And it could very well debut in the top 3, yet, amazingly you didn’t even include it in your weekend predictions either. What is going on with you guys?

    • Avatar
      Weia Cytone April 28, 2017

      Yeah, as a millennial in the 18-34 demo, this isn’t the kind of site I’d like to keep viewing. I’ve been visiting this site near daily for 3 years now. This is following their general ignorance at The Ghost in the Shell bombing due to whitewashing controversy (blaming it on “a preference for male action films”.)

    • Avatar
      Jacen April 28, 2017

      Yeah, this is kind of odd seeing as how the rival, Mojo, has commented as such. I don’t think it’s racism. Perhaps they just want to see what the reality is by the end of the weekend (foreign language releases like this might get unreliable reporting, maybe?). Or maybe they are focusing only on wide and semi-wide releases here.

      • Avatar
        Jake Jones April 28, 2017

        Sleight is playng in a very similar amount of theaters, and grossing a fraction as much, yet it somehow managed to get included in the week-end predictions. And no, they don’t need to wait for the end of the week-end. This article was a round up of the Thursday night grosses. The week-end end predictions feature is just that – a guess based on the information available – they are not supposed to wait for actuals. There is absolutely no reason for this site to make no mention of the movie ANYWHERE. I just find it crazy that a website that purports to be about movie boxoffice would ignore the highest grossing movie in the country on Thursday. I can think of no good reason for them to do so, but one horrible reason why they might. Websites such as these are how many viewers find out what is opening on a given week-end. For them to simply ignore a major foreign film without any explanation boggles the mind.

        • Avatar
          Ed April 29, 2017

          No moron

        • Avatar
          Dana April 29, 2017

          They mention it in the title AND the body of the article. Sheesh.

    • Avatar
      reece April 29, 2017



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